Christmas baskets

We are working for Christmas 2020

Rediscover the magic of Christmas with our elegant Christmas baskets  

Cantine Bernabei makes the Christmas baskets with typical products with passion.
Of all the possible gifts, food is the only one that can be shared and is therefore perfect for rediscovering the pleasure of being together. 

Choose the wooden box or the geographic box to give something that will also serve as a keepsake.
Make the children happy with the lantern-shaped briefcase. 

The gift boxes by Bernabei have been designed to give you the opportunity to choose fantastic gifts for any occasion. Our boxes are prestigious gift ideas, which stand out for the products and the care taken in their composition.

In recent years, the tendency to give delicious food as gifts has been steadily increasing, so if you have a company, you have found quality, genuine and original gift ideas for your customers and partners. Refined Christmas gift boxes made with high quality food and wine products for a gift that will not go unnoticed.

We would also like to remind you that any kind of gift can be made up to your liking; you can choose the container and the food and wine products directly from our general catalogue.

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